People form opinions quickly, show your business in the best light.

Let’s get the basics right and create a brand identity you love.

Customers will form opinions about the quality of your offering based on the professional appearance of your branding. Get it right up front and save headaches down the track. Success comes from creating an identity that can stand the test of time and work well across all mediums. 

Design and branding represent the overall quality of your business to prospective customers.

Website Development - Casuarina, Tweed Coast

Brand Identity Development

You may be launching a new business, or refreshing an existing. We want your business to have a clean, fresh appearance that stands out from the crowd. Developing a fresh brand identity involves researching the market and understanding how and where your business will be represented. What tone of voice will the business take – easy going, serious, cheeky? It all depends on your positioning and target market, what will resonate and get customers in the door. Style guides can be developed to help keep communications on course and create consistency for your brand.

Logo Ideation & Design

When you think about some of the most effective logos out there, simplicity shines through. Logos should look great on a massive billboard, or on a tiny business card. There’s a tendency to try and cram too much into a logo, simplicity is key. We can work through a number of concepts and ensure you love your new logo as much as we do.

Font & Colour Selections

Fonts and colours go hand in hand with your logo and overall style guide. After reviewing business requirements, we can select a complementary colour pallet and set of fonts. From here, we can create a series of examples for your style-guide. This can be shared with anyone working on your brand to help ensure consistency. It’s important that customers recognise your brand without needing to see your logo. The tone of voice, fonts, colours, images – they should all work together to create a style that conveys your brand, no explanation required.

Graphic Design

With our roots firmly in the graphic design school, we’re well versed when it comes to creating beautiful visuals. Graphic design can involve graphics, images and text – combining these assets to project ideas and experiences. Stylistic approaches can be locked down for your brand, and utilised across various media, from print to digital and beyond.

Print Design & Layout

Although we have a strong focus on digital these days, we cut our teeth in print design and layout. It’s important to cover all all bases and we’re happy to jump into Adobe Indesign to create business cards, flyers and other printed collateral that your business requires.

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“As a health professional, I wanted a website that reflected my passion, was engaging and user-friendly. Mike delivered this, and I couldn’t be happier. Right from our first contact his professionalism attention to detail and desire to find out exactly what I wanted shone through.”

~ Kate

Kate Bartlett Psychology