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Online Marketing Strategy

Your online marketing strategy is a moving plan that can develop and grow over time. Initially, it’s just about setting some objectives and making sure everyone is on the same page. We can look at the market you’re trying to speak to and the best channels to reach them. Once this has been identified, a simple plan and approach can be developed. What channels need to be developed, the type of content that’s required, how will we measure success.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engines are constantly changing the way they rank websites in search results. Increasingly, having a mobile friendly website has huge benefits for how your site will rank when someone googles a keyword that is associated with your business. There are a myriad of factors that all contribute, a lot of it is just listening to what Google and other search engines are asking for – the indicators that tell them that they’re sending users to the best site based on their search. Typically we’ll start with some keyword research, then feed this information into your website. Other factors such as links from other websites, site speed and visitation can all contribute to rankings…it’s something that builds over time. We’ll ensure that your site is configured in accordance with best practice.

Google Business Listings

Google My Business Listings have come along way, with numerous recent updates to the system made by Google. We can help claim, verify and optimise the content on your listing for maximum effectiveness. There’s a few tricks to setting up the listing correctly, and a number of key Google services that all tie into your primary Google business account. Many people don’t even check the website these days, Google map listings are top of the list, they check the reviews, jump on the phone or start driving! We can help ensure this is all set, linked up and kicking goals.

Social Media Strategy & Content

Reaching a receptive audience and receiving instant feedback is an increadibly powerful tool for business. The hard part is finding that balance, blurring advertising with social content in a way that doesn’t annoy people. It’s important to develop a framework for how you’ll operate your business within social channels. Creating a consistant voice, brand image and persona is important. There’s no point churning out posts because it feels like you should, if the content isn’t engaging people won’t pay attention – your posts and brand will suffer. We can take a look at your key content pillars, develop content templates and help work out a plan of attack. You have to ask yourself with every post – what value is this giving people? Is it thoughtful and visually appealing? You’re developing a relationship with your customers, it’s important to have a good plan in place!

Email Marketing (eDM)

Do you sit there deleting emails on a daily basis that clog your inbox – it’s a pain right? Giving a business permission to send you emails is a powerful tick of approval. This indicates that a customer likes your business enough that they have elected to receive news and information. Generally people on your list, (providing they opted in) are highly engaged and reactive. Email lists are also great because you have a small subscription cost for the email platform and no ongoing advertising charges to speak to your customers. Develop a strategy to encourage people to sign up, VIP offers and events, value adding information and advice. Content should be unique to the channel, so that it’s worth being on the list.

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