Rainbow Bay – Cyclone Swell 

The sand was perfect this time of year, shortly after Christmas. The points lit up with perfect offshore conditions while many of the South facing beach breaks were a mess. People getting waves of a lifetime during this swell.

Casuarina Beach – Sunrise Session

The light was amazing, shining from behind to light up the spray and shilouette the surfer against the wave.

Snapper – Southerly Swell

Big Southerly swell was detonating behind the rock and running through the bay. Few guys out tearing it to pieces.

Greenmount – Cyclone Swell

The water was so clear and shallow, the bar lined up so perfectly across Greenmount point. You can see the sand through the bottom of this wave, probably only a foot or two deep…people getting pitted all over the place.

Cabarita – Black & White

Casuarina and Kingscliff off in the background of this shot. Taken from Norries Headland looking North. Nice clean walls running down to the surf club.

Snapper – The Jump

Perfect winter conditions. Southerly storms rolling through and perfect square barrels behind the rock.

Kirra – Cylcone Swell

Kirra turned it on during this swell. Lines to the horizon and perfect walls running through. 

Hope you liked these shots as much as we enjoyed taking them. Enjoy the waves and stay stoked!

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