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Understanding how to optimise images for use on your website is important both visually & for site performance.

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All of the photos used on this site have been taken by MC Digital Design.

Pre-Shoot Planning

All shoots require an element of planning, but this can vary based on requirements. Often keeping a shoot casual and relaxed allows you to capture people acting natural with real expressions and interactions. An example could be taking shots of staff interacting with customers – you want it to look natural. Other shoots such as property photography will require presentation planning and other elements such as the best time of day and weather for natural lighting conditions. Some planning up front will help a shoot run smoothly.


We use top of the line SLR cameras to ensure shots are super crisp and can be used across a range of media. Our preference is to make use of natural lighting when possible, giving photos a more realistic appearance. Elements such as the weather can impact shoots, so it’s always a good idea to allow enough time and have some flexibility built into the schedule. We’re flexible and happy to adjust to get it done!

Photo Editing & Enhancement

Setting your camera and lighting correctly when taking photos is the first priority. Most images you see these days still go through an array of editing and enhancement once they hit the computer. The level of control within image editing applications is amazing and can help enhance a great photo further. We’re happy to offer post-shoot photo editing and highly recommend the service to get the most from your shots. Typically we perform this work within Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

Formatting & Supply

We’re interested to know how you’ll be using the photos. E.g. For print work, on social media or your website. Our editing programs allow us to save images with specific sizes and colour settings. Once we know what your requirements are, we’ll work together to ensure you’ve got the best format for the job. The images can be provided via a link for download or on a USB key.

Stock Selection & Advice

We’d always suggest taking your own photos where possible so that you’ve got total ownership over your content. There are situations though where it just makes sense to use stock shots. There’s a number of great stock image libraries available, some free and some paid. If you need advice on the best way to grab a selection of images to use, we can point you in the right direction.

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