Offshore perfection 

Blue skies, crystal clear water – this is what dreams are made of. Walk through the dunes and you’re met with a view towards Norries Headland at Cabarita – Byron Bay lighthouse can be seen in the distance.

Black & white sunlight

This wave doubled up, creating an interesting appearance. Morning sunlight reflecting off the foam as it rolls to shore.

South of the creek

Often called back beach or south beach, this strip can be found close to where Cudgen Creek runs out at the Southern end of Kingscliff. It’s the Northern end of Casuarina Beach – and also an off-leash dog walking area. P.S. Check your shoes before you get back in the car.

A seat with a view

Council wants to remove the rustic beach seats that people have built along the beach. Hopefully they don’t get around to it, they make a great place to sit and watch the waves.

Stormy skies

With the threat of a southerly storm approaching, two surfers take their chances paddling out for a wave. There’s nothing better than surfing in the rain.

Sand dunes sideways

This shot was tipped on it’s side to show a vertical wall of sand dune. Creates an interesting perspective. Beautiful clouds at sunset, as the light disappears into the hinterland.  

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